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We are Taiwan manufacturer, supplier, exporter and factory of rich quality Custom Elevator products. These highly royal looking products we manufacture come with intricately done workmanship. We own a group of experienced and talented designers who have made products that are well accepted by our customers. Committed to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, we take extreme care to ensure consistent Before and After sales service at most reasonable price. Just tell us your requirement, and we will give you your unique elevator.
  • Clean Room Elevator - TL-C-CR
    TL-C-CR : Clean Room Elevator
    TAIRLING Elevator is a high-tech elevator manufacturer. We specially launch clean room elevators for the clean rooms of high-tech factories. The elevator structures of cabins, material and ventilation equipments are all specially designed to match the clean standards of clean room.
  • Handicap Elevator - TL-C-H
    TL-C-H : Handicap Elevator
    TAIRLING Elevator believes everyone should have the right to enjoy the convenience from elevators, and can use it without any trouble. We provide various kinds of barrier-free equipments for clients to choose. All kinds of our elevators can install the barrier-free equipments and change to accessible elevators.

  • Material Handling Systems - TL-C-MHS
    TL-C-MHS : Material Handling Systems
    With the trend of automation, more and more logistic centers, production lines of factories or warehouses have their requirements of automatic transportation equipments. TAIRLING Elevator is able to customize automatic transportation equipments and material handling systems, according to different needs of clients. Goods can be transported continuously, safely and fast without manpower.

  • Hospital Elevator - TL-C-HBE
    TL-C-HBE : Hospital Elevator
    At the moment that passengers step into our hospital elevators, they can find our Intentional designs. The easy operation panels and soft reflector lamps of TAIRLING hospital elevators are specially designed for people who might use them. Every detail is full of the thought of humanity. With our designs, hospital elevators are no more cold and hard.

We provide more high level

Custom Elevator

and full-hearted service. We provide you with the dependable products, trusted manufacturing capability and rich and powerful tactical knowledge. We have experienced engineers and always assure you high quality products with the fast delivery.