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TAIRLING Elevator, manufacturer and supplier which specializes in the development of elevator equipment. After accumulating over years of intensive research, we have been recognized being the largest and most reputable manufacturer in Taiwan. Due to high quality and competitive price, our products are exported to many countries around the world. We also provide various Elevator Accessories. If you are looking for a trustworthy partner, you could count on us. We sincerely hope that we can have an opportunity to cooperate with you in the near future.
  • Elevator Light Curtain - EDLCD
    EDLCD : Elevator Light Curtain
    Elevator door light curtain detectors can discover if there is anything on the path of door closing. The doors will close only if there is nothing at the path. This equipment will prevent the doors closing in hands or fingers.
    Installing at freight elevators, it can make sure there is no freight damage due to be caught by elevator doors.

  • Voice Announce - VCM
    VCM : Voice Announce
    Voice announce system of elevator can broadcast the situation of elevator processing and remain passengers arrived their target level. It also helps to reduce the stress bring by hermetic space. It is also a required equipment of accessible elevator
  • Proximity Card Reader - PCR
    PCR : Proximity Card Reader
    {{XXXXXX}} can install access control systems for customers. We provide many kinds of access control, from basic proximity card readers to biometric access control. Access control systems can authorize users of elevator effectively and improve the security of your buildings.

  • Emergency Communication Devices - EPS
    EPS : Emergency Communication Devices
    Emergency phone system is an important equipment of an elevator. It can connect passengers in the elevator with outside. When there is any emergency, passengers can choose to contact the man on guard or make a phone call upon trapped in the elevator.

  • Elevator Door Motor - DMC
    DMC : Elevator Door Motor
    Door motor controller controls the opening and closing of the elevator door. It has to be perfectly coordinate with the control system. TAIRLING Elevator use DC and VVVF door motor controllers. With our experienced implementing, we make every door of elevators running smoothly.

  • Earthquake Sensor - EQS
    EQS : Earthquake Sensor
    Earthquake Sensor is an important equipment of elevator in countries that earthquake happens. It is even a require equipment of elevator in Japan. When the earthquake happens, the Earthquake Sensor will notice the control panel to let the elevator to stop at the closest level so that the passengers can get down safely. We use TOYO Earthquake Sensor that made in Japan, which is high quality and durable.
We have in store for our clients, a wide range of elevator equipment that are used for a variety of industries. Those are offered to our clients in standard as well as customized specifications. We also provide various

Elevator Accessories