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TAIRLING Elevator is an project-oriented company supplying Home Elevator to the world market. We have our own factory located in Taiwan. We can supply client kinds of home lift with competitive price and good quality. Our company is engaged in the business line of this industry.
  • Home Elevator Standard Style - TL-H-X
    TL-H-X : Home Elevator Standard Style
    The home elevator of TAIRLING is a perfect combination of technology and humanity. What you will have is not only an elevator, but also a better quality of life. It will connect every level and all family members together. No one will feel distressed because going up and down stairs again! Our goal is to make elevators that carry the happiness of your family.

  • Home Elevator Luxury Style - TL-H-L
    TL-H-L : Home Elevator Luxury Style
    Home elevators of TAIRLING have the trustworthy quality plus exquisite inter decoration. You can enjoy the stylish interior of it. Crafted by professional designer, it makes your elevator a tasteful decoration.
    For a smooth, quiet and energy efficient ride, it uses the latest variable frequency technology. TAIRLING Elevator is your best choice.

  • Home Elevator Warm Style - TL-H-W
    TL-H-W : Home Elevator Warm Style
    Home elevators of TAIRLING can customize the inter decoration of cars and load up to 6 passengers.
    Despite below specification, we can also customize it as your needs.
    Lift system: traction machine with wire rope
    Load capacity: 2-6 persons
    Motor capacity: 1.5kw or above
    Maximum elevation: 5 stories
    Maximum travel: 15m
    Door type: 2 panels side opening
    Interior dimensions (mm): W900 x D920 x H2200 / W900 x D1200 x H2200
    Door clearance (mm): W800 x H2100

  • Home Elevator Glass Style - TL-H-G
    TL-H-G : Home Elevator Glass Style
    Don’t worry that the glass home elevator will not fit the style of your house. It is always a wonderful decoration in the house. Even just watching it is one of your enjoyments. More and more people choose this kind of elevators, because it can reduce the stress from hermetic space, increasing the interest of the ride.

We have for our clients high grade

Home Elevator

products. Please let us know what you need, we will try our best to satisfy your request, to help you move further in your way to success. We believe the only way to differentiate yourself from the competition is through service.