Machine Room Less Elevator

TAIRLING Elevator is a professional of companies who develop variety specifications for high quality Machine Room Less Elevator. The technical staffs have a long history of developing leading edge products for these industries, which assures products' reliability of finished products. Please be free to contact with us for more details.
  • MRL Elevator - TL-MRL-S
    TL-MRL-S : MRL Elevator
    Along with the advancement of controlling technology, now we have more and more choice of motor. Because of that, machine room-less elevators were brought into the market.
    You don’t have to worry about no place for the machine-room again! We will design your elevator according to the environment. Less space, more design freedom!

  • MRL Elevator PM Motor - TL-MRL-PM
    TL-MRL-PM : MRL Elevator PM Motor
    Permanent magnet motor with no gear can be used at machine-room-less elevator due to it is small enough to install at the hoistway. The installation of pm motor is convenient and fast. The efficiency of pm motor is excellent, up to 95%, and the power consumption is only half of tradition motor costing. Pm motor is also a choice of environmental protection because it didn’t have to change gear oil.

  • MRL Elevator Worm Gear - TL-MRL-W
    TL-MRL-W : MRL Elevator Worm Gear
    To install traditional elevators have to build machine rooms right above their hoistways, which affecting the appearance of the building. Machine-room-less elevators let you never have to worry about that again!
    The field of machine-room-less elevators needs more professional knowledge than others. TAIRLING Elevator has plenty of experience at this field. This kind of elevator can also use worm motor.

  • MRL Elevator Hydraulic System - TL-MRL-H
    TL-MRL-H : MRL Elevator Hydraulic System
    Hydraulic system is one of lift system of machine-room-less elevators. Elevators which use this system do not need machine rooms to store traction machines, so it can save the cost of building machine rooms. This kind of elevators also cost lower energy than tradition elevators.
Equipped with high end facilities and a

Machine Room Less Elevator

of highly qualified and experience professional the company thrives to deliver the best of quality at the most affordable cost. Going forward, we pledge to give our best in terms of value and customer satisfaction.