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TAIRLING Elevator is the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Observation Elevator in Taiwan. Manufactured using high quality raw materials our products highly reliable and durable and caters to a wide range of diverse customer's requirement. Designs and patterns both meet the latest trends prevailing. Our products are also known for their excellent quality, prompt service and reasonable price.
  • Panoramic Elevator Standard Style - TL-VS
    TL-VS : Panoramic Elevator Standard Style
    With the transparent walls of the car, you can enjoy the visual feast during the ride of your observation elevator. If you want to install it at indoor, it is also a great decoration.
    From the lighting that out of the car to the decoration that inside the car, even just one small handrail, every detail of observation elevators of TAIRLING is all well designed.  Our observation elevators are absolutely the most domineering landscape of your building.

  • Panoramic Elevator Industrial Style - TL-VI
    TL-VI : Panoramic Elevator Industrial Style
    The industrial style observation elevator of TAIRLING is a perfect decoration of the building. Its outward appearance is made up of the whole transparent hoistway, elevator car and some steel structure. It is kind of steel aesthetics, and will become one of artworks in your building.

  • Panoramic Elevator Villa Style - TL-VV
    TL-VV : Panoramic Elevator Villa Style
    Villa type observation elevators of TAIRLING are specially designed for villas. According to the condition of different houses, we can design whole transparent hoistways and cars, or normal cars with windows. We have the most professional design team, and willing to answer any of your questions. Please feel free to contact us.

  • Panoramic Elevator Custom Style - TL-VC
    TL-VC : Panoramic Elevator Custom Style
    TAIRLING Elevator can customize the observation elevator. According to the requirements of clients, we build the unique elevators. All details of the elevators, from ceilings to floors, materials to colors, we can all design by clients' preferences. We have the most professional design team, and willing to answer any of your questions. Please feel free to contact us.

We own a very gifted artisan talent pool which guarantees timely deliveries with top quality

Observation Elevator

. We also cater to our broad client base offering our range in customized form adhering to the demands and specifications of our clients.